Sensorimotor psychotherapy

Often referred to as ‘body-oriented talking therapy’, Sensorimotor psychotherapy  blends theory and technique from cognitive, neuroscience, trauma and attachment research with straightforward somatic interventions, such as helping clients to become aware of their bodies, to track their bodies and to implement physical actions that promote empowerment and competency, Client is taught to observe the relationship between the body, beliefs, and emotions, noticing how a self-representation such as “I am not good enough” both affects and is reflected in patterns of sensation, posture, gesture, breath, gait, autonomic arousal, and movement.


Systemics is an approach to human dynamics and relationships that considers the individual within his/her family and social context in order to avoid reductive views of behavior. Systemics is a rich source for dealing with couple and family problems, and is now being applied to the work place. In individual therapy, focus on the systemic web rather than on the intrapsychic dimension also encourages creative thinking about problems.