Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing art which promotes balance and harmony for well-being and health. Through very gentle touch, the Reiki practitioner channels the Universal Life energy (chi or ki) through their hands to different parts of the head and body. It does not involve any massage, manipulation, pressure, or pushing. Reiki facilitates emotional and physical healing, and well-being. It promotes inner peace, balance, and relieves stress.

Relational Psychotherapy

Not a specific theory or technique, the term “relational” refers to a perspective or way of thinking that appreciates the central role of relationships with others in the development of individual experiences and psychological states and traits. A relationally-based psychotherapeutic approach is one that explores psychotherapeutic change through an evolving relationship between therapist and client.


Powerful yet gentle personal transformation technique based on the breath. Very useful for opening up and releasing blockages on all levels of our being: body, emotions and mind.